TAMR - Data Unification Powered by AI

Today, many organisations are facing the reality that their significant investments in traditional Master Data Management (MDM) systems have failed to keep pace with the growing number of highly-variable data sources needed to answer critical business questions.

Connected data is the foundation for meaningful analytics and driving real business outcomes. Tamr’s data mastering technology combines machine learning-based models, human feedback from data experts and rules to curate and accurately publish data from large, diverse data sets, enabling effective data consumption in analytics and business processes. The technology reduces manual workflows needed to consolidate, categorise and create golden records by up to 90%. At the core of Tamr’s technology is the ability to engage data experts and data stewards through simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions to train the machine learning models.

With Tamr, data consumers, data scientists and analysts spend less time on manual data processing and preparation, enabling them to connect enterprise data far more efficiently than ever before. Through reduced manual workflows, data teams are empowered to drive business outcomes.

Solution Key Features

Schema Mapping

Tamr combines disparate data sources across the enterprise and maps differing data schemas to create a unified view of highly-variable data sets.

Data Enrichment

Tamr categorises data, leveraging well-defined taxonomies to improve data standardisation in downstream systems and enhance business intelligence use cases. In addition, Tamr offers several capabilities that engage non-technical data experts in the process, expanding accessibility to those who know the data best.

Data Mastering

Tamr consolidates data entities into a unique, golden record that provides a single source of truth for each entity. This process includes data cleansing and standardisation, in addition to identifying the appropriate data source to input the most accurate and up-to-date information for each data source.

Data Publishing

Tamr Publish is a directory for mastered data sets about core business entities (e.g. suppliers, parts, customers, etc.). It supports bi-directional data updates, enabling organisations to more easily search for, access, and obtain mastered data from Tamr to power downstream systems and business workflows.

Tamr can help you to drive business outcomes faster with machine-driven data mastering

    Use Case: Lack of Unified 360 Views

Lack of Customer 360 (information spread across silos)

Data is too varied, too much effort to align and consolidate

Onboarding new data is too manual and requires too many resources

Unified data contains duplicates (inaccurate)

Data users not able to accurately draw insights from the data

Learn how Tamr helps with Data Mastering

    Use Case: Data Is Poorly Classified (Taxonomy)

Large percentage of data records is misclassified and/or unclassified

Rules used to classify data are ineffective and difficult to maintain

Cannot effectively search for total ‘spend’ by category (i.e. supplier/part)

No flexibility to update out-of-date taxonomy

Learn how Tamr helps with Data Categorisation

Tamr helps leading organisations across the globe solve several business challenges that all tie to the need for timely, connected, accurate enterprise data to power analytic outcomes