intelia has a unique technology partner ecosystem – partners that have been specifically chosen as leading providers in their space, who bring competitive advantage to our clients.

We work closely with our partners to bring you cool technology so that your business is future ready. When it comes to data, analytics, cloud and AI/ML…we’ve got you covered.

We see the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as being key to powering innovation, reducing risk, increasing scale, improving idea-to-delivery timelines and maturing technology management processes for our clients.

Confluent is the enterprise solution for integrating, processing and managing Data in Motion (including streaming). Trusted by the world’s leading organisations, Confluent is the cloud-native and complete Kafka platform.

The Databricks Lakehouse Platform combines the best elements of data lakes and data warehouses — delivering data management and performance typically found in data warehouses with the low-cost, flexible object stores offered by data lakes.

Snowflake combines the power of data warehousing, the flexibility of big data platforms and the elasticity of the cloud at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.


DBT (data build tool) provides a framework to develop data pipelines that transform data using code that is managed, easy to collaborate with and scalable. dbtLabs provides a way to work with transformations the same way application developers work to develop code – providing agility and complete traceability.

Collibra’s data governance solution delivers the trusted data your users need to transform your organisation.


Fivetran enables a significant reduction in the time taken to integrate and manage both cloud-based and on-prem data sources into your data warehouse, allowing for the build of data pipelines in minutes and having them fully scalable and configurable using the easy GUI or powerful APIs.

Being the only partner in Australia/APAC region, intelia shares a unique partnership with Tamr to help customers accelerate their strategic initiatives by delivering innovative data and intelligent automation solutions.


The world’s leading provider of AI, IoT, and big data applications, the C3 AI platform is an enterprise-ready, proven and extensible solution helping clients deliver predictive insights for critical, real-time business challenges.

AtScale’s Virtual Data Warehouse delivers performance, security and agility to exceed the demands of modern-day operational analytics.

our collaborators

We have partnered up with some pretty cool tech, but that doesn't mean we're tied to anyone. We will collaborate with you to find the best solutions for your needs.