Search with generative AI you can trust!

Glean is a purpose built AI platform powering enterprise search and knowledge discovery – with connectors to most popular systems, it is fast to mobilise and delivers organisational efficiency rapidly.

Glean - The modern work assistant:

Powerful search and generative AI you can trust.


AI-powered workplace search

  • Vector search powered by deep learning-based LLMs enables semantic understanding for natural language queries
  • Glean continuously trains on your company’s unique language and context to improve search relevance. No need for manual fine-tuning
  • AI grounded in your company’s own trusted knowledge model unlocks workplace productivity

Generative AI for your enterprise

  • Chat with the assistant that delivers answers, analyses, and summaries from across all your documents, conversations, tickets, and more
  • Full referenceability lets you dig deeper and know where answers come from, backed by the industry’s most advanced enterprise search
  • Trust that generative AI chats and results are secure, private, and permissions-aware

Personalised results and knowledge discovery

  • Glean builds your company’s knowledge graph— understanding people, content, and interactions— so every result is personalised to you
  • Even before you search, Glean suggests the information you need, based on what you’re working on, where you’re mentioned, and what’s trending on your team
  • When knowledge artifacts don’t exist, Glean pinpoints your company’s experts who can help

Easy to use, ready to go— right out of the box

  • With 100+ connectors, Glean connects to all the apps you already use and enforces the existing permissions of your data sources in results
  • Setup is quick and scales to the capabilities and control needed for the largest enterprises. No professional services required
  • Glean offers hosting options that align with your company’s data and security policies


Glean: AI-powered workplace search