Data and Analytics Healthcheck

Are you getting the most out of your data?

In our experience most organisations already have what they need. However, to realise the full potential of their data and technology investments and accelerate business insights, they need to step sideways to go forward.
We’ve helped our customers understand their data, reporting and analytics environment to provide a clear picture of how and where they can drive more value from their existing data. intelia can help you plan your data strategy and identify actionable improvement opportunities.

How your business can benefit.

  • Reduce report preparation timeframes from “weeks or months” down to “hours or days”
  • Reduce or remove duplication of data and data silos within your organisation
  • Reduce the amount of manual data sourcing, transformation and preparation effort
  • Rationalise and consolidate the amount of unnecessary reporting being undertaken, as well as the number of data and reporting tools being used
  • Increase confidence that the right data is being used for reporting, insights and analytics
  • Free up time to enable staff to focus on creating deeper and more valuable insights

Who can benefit from this healthcheck?

Any organisation, regardless of industry or size, who:

  • Wants to explore opportunities to reduce costs through removing duplication of manual effort as well as rationalisation and consolidation of their data, reports and reporting tools
  • Is concerned about the amount of time, resources and effort it takes to produce key business reports, insights and analytics
  • Is concerned about the amount of manual effort required for data collection, transformation, cleansing and preparation in order to produce reports
  • Is seeking expert advice and guidance on how to work smarter with their business data to derive genuine insights, enabling faster and more accurate decision-making

Our Approach

Our expert team of data analysts interview a nominated group of your business users to understand how your data is being used to generate reports, insights and analytics in your business.

Focusing on the key components involved in the make up of your reporting, insights and analytics environment, we identify: business criticality, production frequency, preparation effort, data sources, people and processes, reporting tools, and approaches to distribution / sharing.

We present you with a detailed report of our findings along with recommendations on focus areas for improvement with opportunities to vastly improve how your business users generate reports, insights and analytics with your data, faster and with higher quality than currently possible.

intelia’s Data and Analytics Healthcheck is a fixed priced engagement. Get in touch to find out more.

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