intelia was founded in 2017 with a desire to create something truly unique and special. Drawing on our extensive experience working within some of the world’s leading technology companies, the intelia team have captured what we love in an environment and know what works for our customers. intelia accelerate our customers strategic initiatives by designing and delivering innovative technology solutions and services. Incessant technology advancement is driving a competitive landscape unlike anything experienced.

By harnessing these technologies, coupled with the right delivery approach,organisations have an unprecedented opportunity to evolve and transform. We focus on continually evolving and delivering great outcomes for our customers. We do this by providing commercial benefits including greater speed to market, reducing operating cost, improving customer experience, whilst ensuring sustainable technology and business outcomes.

Our founders

Byron Roach
CEO and Co-Founder

Whilst technology is what we harness to deliver great commercial outcomes, it is the experience we provide our customers that is the secret source to separating intelia from the market.

Joel Collins
Director, Customer Success and Co-Founder

Under the strong leadership foundations we have laid, and with our genuine commitment to our customers and growth strategy, we truly believe we are creating something special. I love our company. I love the energy and passion that comes from what we do. Whilst delivering great outcomes for our customers is the focus, we want to have some fun and be really proud of where we work.