Google Cloud Data Cloud & AI Summit 2023 – What Got Us Excited

By Millan Philip @intelia | March 30


Google’s third annual Data Cloud & AI Summit brought exciting news for businesses looking to optimize their operations and reduce costs. It was an early start for all my Aussie mates but definitely worth it. The event was packed with several product innovations and partner offerings that aim to improve data cost predictability, break free from legacy databases, unify trusted metrics, and bring the magic of AI and ML to existing data.


BigQuery Pricing Editions

One of the most significant announcements was the introduction of new BigQuery pricing editions. These editions offer more choice and flexibility to select the right feature set for various workload requirements by the customer. Which also includes single or multi-year commitments at lower prices for predictable workloads, as well as autoscaling to support unpredictable workloads and reduce operating costs from the user’s perspective.




Preview of AlloyDB Omni

Followed by announcing the technology preview of AlloyDB Omni, a downloadable edition of AlloyDB designed to run on-premises, at the edge, across clouds, or even on developer laptops. AlloyDB Omni offers high performance, PostgreSQL compatibility, and Google Cloud support, all at a fraction of the cost of legacy databases and up to 100x faster analytical quires. It can help organizations reduce costs by providing a steppingstone to the cloud for those restricted to on-premises data centres due to regulatory or data sovereignty requirements.


Data Standards

Data standards was the next focus, to help organizations securely set data standards, Google announced Looker Modeler, which allows businesses to define metrics about their business using Looker’s innovative semantic modelling layer. Looker Modeler is the single source of truth for metrics, which can be joint with various BI tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, and ThoughtSpot, or other Google solutions like Connected Sheets and Looker Studio, offering customers with quality data to make apt decisions.

Other Key Takeaways

The summit also stressed on foundation models (large AI models that can be adapted to a wide range of tasks after being trained on a massive amount of unlabelled data) which focus on multi-tasking, generative and minimal training prerequisites. Build new generative AI powered search & conversational experiences with Gen App Builder. It lets developers, even those with limited machine learning skills, quickly and easily tap into the power of Google’s foundation models, search expertise, and conversational AI technologies to create enterprise-grade generative AI applications.

Lastly, Google Cloud is extending its vision for data clean rooms with numerous new partnerships. Habu, LiveRamp on Google Cloud, and Lytics will all integrate with BigQuery to support privacy-safe data orchestration, data clean room services, and customer data platforms built on BigQuery.


As a whole, Google’s Data Cloud & AI Summit 2023 was a magnificent showcase of the company’s promise to innovation and customer satisfaction. Through these fresh product innovations and partner offerings, businesses can enhance price-performance, take advantage of open ecosystems, securely set data standards, and bring the magic of AI and ML to their existing data while embracing a vibrant partner ecosystem.